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EO Sterilization Chamber

eo sterilization chamber is suitable for Medical Supplies:

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Product Application

eo  sterilization chamber  is suitable for Medical Supplies:

Basic parameter

1m3 to 100 m3 chamber available.Flexibility in size of sterilizer as per particular object requirements.

all size of the sterilizer

Have Certification

★ EN ISO 13485   TUV

★ CE


Quality Standards

★ DIN EN 1422

★ EN ISO 11135


Selection control system cabinet


Function introduction

Automatic control system: a key to the end, the whole process of automatic complete with print records

Vacuum system: the use of oil free vacuum pump, simple and convenient, fast vacuum, long service life.
Heating system: using explosion-proof electric heating device, more convenient and quick
Multiple protection functions: with over temperature protection function, more safe and reliable.
Sealing ring for wearing parts

Sealing strip: concave and convex type sealing ring (patent product) silicone material

Exhibition show

Every year, our company participates in various medical equipment exhibitions and has accumulated a batch of stable domestic and foreign customers.


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