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Ethylene Oxide Sterilization Devices

Ethylene oxide sterilization devices is suitable for medical supplies: Non-woven medical supplies, syringes, infusion sets, surgical gloves, various rubber infusion catheters, sutures, anesthetics, sanitary napkins, medical dressings.

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Product Application

Ethylene  oxide sterilization devices is suitable for  medical supplies:
Non-woven medical supplies, syringes,  infusion sets, surgical gloves, various rubber infusion catheters, sutures,  anesthetics, sanitary napkins, medical dressings.
Other application:
Ethylene oxide sterilization does not  impair the objects and penetration is very strong, it is not appropriate to use  most general method of sterilizing an article and can be sterilized by ethylene  oxide sterilization. For example, electronic instruments, optical instruments,  medical instruments, books, files, fur, wool, synthetic, plastic products, wood  products, ceramic and metal products, endoscopy, dialysis and other disposable  medical supplies. Ethylene oxide is one of the most important low-temperature  sterilization methods.


Basic parameter

①Large ethylene oxide sterilizers: General process for sterilizing a large number of articles, the dosage of 0.8kg / m ~ 1.2kg / m, at 55 ℃ ~ 60 ℃ under the action of 6h.

②Medium-sized ethylene oxide sterilizer: generally used for sterilization of disposable medical supplies. This sterilizing equipment is perfect and highly automated, using pure ethylene oxide or a mixture of ethylene oxide and carbon dioxide. Generally, the sterilization conditions are: concentration, 800 mg/L~1000 mg/L, temperature, 55 °C~60 °C, relative humidity 60%~80%, and the action time is 6 h. Vacuuming is required to complete the sterilization. Sterilized articles are commonly sealed in a plastic film that is permeable to ethylene oxide. If the filter has a filterable air filter on the small package, the sterilization effect is better.

 all size of the sterilizer


Have Certification

★ EN ISO  13485   TUV

★ CE


Quality Standards

★ DIN EN 1422

★ EN ISO 11135


Detail imagines

Selection sealing door
 Door sealing way: air feeded inside.
 ▶Sliding door
 ▶revolving door
 ▶Lifting door

Selection control system cabinet

The dedicated programmable microcomputer control system can control temperature, pressure,humidity and time, do timing residual gas treatment, alert, print real-time data by micro-printer.Support storage and export sterilization process data.


Package and delivery

The normal package is wooden box,If container is too tigher,we will use pe film for packing or  pack it according to customers special request.


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