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Ethylene Oxide Sterilization for Medical Devices

ethylene oxide sterilization for medical devices is suitable for sterilization of disposable sanitary products, medical supplies and medical devices.

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Product Application

ethylene oxide sterilization for medical devices  is suitable for sterilization of disposable sanitary products, medical supplies and medical devices.
 1)Medical supplies: syringe, infusion device, dressing type, blood collection, catheter, birth control equipment, etc.
 2)Medical devices: endoscope, pacemaker, artificial heart, oxygenator, etc.
 3)Sanitary products: napkin, disposable sanitary tableware, etc.
 4)Instruments: electronic instruments, optical instruments, recorder, telephone, etc.

Sterilization process Advantage

①low cost

②low temperature and humidity requirement

Basic parameter


Selection sealing door

door sealing way: air feeded inside.

Revolving door

  • Small footprint

  • low energy consumption

  • Relatively safe

Sliding door

  • Fully automatic switch door

  • sterilization system can be used for automatic control

Lifting door

  • Fully automatic switch door

  • Suitable for fully automatic control sterilization system


Lifting door

Selection control system cabinet



Fully automatic control system Features

1.The dedicated programmable microcomputer control system can control temperature, pressure,humidity and time, do timing residual gas treatment, alert, print real-time data by micro-printer.

2.It owns two modes of operation manual and automatic, and friendly machine interface. It can control, watch over and alert the entire sterilization process automatically including opening and closing the door; also;can do real-time record about the sterilization parameters ,can archive and print at any moment.

The touch screen cabinet installs the touch screen and the electronic control part for operation in a control cabinet. The system is not equipped with an industrial computer, and is used for occasions where the requirements are not high, and the price is relatively low.


Our Service

Supply installation drawing.

Equipped installation and testing service.

Supply technical support all time.

Training how to operate the machine.

Engineers available to service machinery overseas.


Our advantage

1,We are the first manufacturer in China to produce ethylene oxide sterilizers. Founded in 1986, we have 30 years of equipment manufacturing experience;

2,The stainless steel material used in our sterilizer liners is a pressure vessel plate, which is a high standard stainless steel plate in stainless steel;

3,The temperature uniformity of our cabinets is the highest in China, and the normal temperature is within ±1.5 °C;

4,At present, all the door seals of the cabinets are sealed by internal inflation, which has good pressure holding performance and no need to oil;

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