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Ethylene Oxide Sterilization in Hospitals

ethylene oxide sterilization in hospitals is suitable for Medical Supplies.

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Product Application

ethylene oxide sterilization in hospitals  is suitable for Medical Supplies.

Main features

Ethylene oxide sterilizer is 100% ethylene oxide gas as sterilization medium. It has two kind of manual and full automatic control, it is widely used sterilizing in wet heat sensible item, such as surgical precision medical equipment, optical instruments, electric device, plastic and variety of medical products. At the same time, it has no any corrosion to plastic, metal and rubber material.


Have Certification

★ EN ISO 13485   TUV

★ CE


Quality Standards

★ DIN EN 1422

★ EN ISO 11135

Detail imagines

control system Features

1.The dedicated programmable microcomputer control system can control temperature, pressure,

humidity and time, do timing residual gas treatment, alert, print real-time data by micro-printer.

2.The calculator control system control the machine by institute laborers. It owns two modes of

operation manual and automatic, and friendly machine interface. It can control, watch over

and alert the entire sterilization process automatically including opening and closing the door; also;

can do real-time record about the sterilization parameters and the trends of temperature, pressure,

humidity; can archive and print at any moment.


1.We ship autoclave by UPS/DHL/FEDEX/TNT express which is door to door ,you no need go out can get the autoclave,takes 3~ 5 days to arrive.

2.We can also help you ship the autoclave by air cargo which you need to go to Air port to take autoclave home,it takes about 2-7 days to arrive.
3.If autoclave are large quantity and you not need the autoclave so urgently ,you can choose by sea to save some freight cost which takes about one month to arrive .


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