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Medical Autoclave Sterilizer

Medical Autoclave Sterilizer is suitable for Medical Supplies。

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Product Application

Medical Autoclave Sterilizer is suitable for Medical Supplies。

Anesthesia apparatus: tracheal catheter, nasal catheter, cable duct casing, threaded pipe, pipe, ventilation perfusion extracorporeal circulation tube, anesthesia mask, oxygen mask, bellows, bag, closed loop, artificial respirator parts anesthesia venous pressure

Cotton clothes and other products: clothing, gauze, bandages, cotton, cotton, books, letters, medical records, surgical gowns, hats, brushes, bedding, pillow, mattress, bedding, coins, paintings and other cultural relics


Basic parameter

BOCON  Ethylene Oxide Gas Sterilizer has been specially designed for sterilization of products sensitive to high temperature and to humidity (Syringes, Defluxers, Catheters, Cartridges for Dialysis, Plastic articles, Bandages, Sutures etc.). Sterilizer can be uses even for sterilization of powders which deteriorate by heating exposure. For the wide range of product that can be treated, such sterilizer find application in Disposable Surgical Products, Pharmaceutical and Pharmaceutical Industry, Laboratories, Hospital and Food Processing Industries.


Have Certification

★ EN ISO 13485   TUV

★ CE


Quality Standards

★ DIN EN 1422

★ EN ISO 11135


Detail imagines

Selection sealing door

door sealing way: air feeded inside.

1.Sliding door                             

2.revolving door

3.Lifting door


Selection control system cabinet


Our Service


General process:

1.Feasibility studies, drawings, technical agreement, 

2.Process development and manufacturing,

3.Export and installation,

4.Training: using & global maintenance,

5.Validation according to ISO 11135-1 and others norms related,

Training on :

·Sterilization QA documentations (procedures, controls sheets…),

·Routine Sterility controls



Package and delivery


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