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What is a sterilizer

- Dec 03, 2018 -

Saturated steam sterilization is a common physical means of killing organisms because high temperatures have a significant lethal effect on bacteria. The high temperature causes the bacteria to denature and coagulate, and the enzyme loses activity, thereby causing the bacteria to die. The most reliable and most mature sterilization method for heat sterilization chambers is usually wet heat sterilization and dry heat sterilization.

Microorganisms are widely found in the surrounding environment, some of which are pathogenic microorganisms. From the prevention of infection, medical workers must strictly perform aseptic operations, disinfect and sterilize the articles and work environment used to ensure normal medical and scientific research. Sterilization is mainly caused by physical and chemical factors that cause the main metabolism of microorganisms to break down, or the bacterial proteins degenerate and coagulate, or destroy their genetic material, leading to the death of microorganisms. Here are the main methods of physical factors to kill microorganisms, as well as the use of related equipment.