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Sterilizer Use

- Nov 30, 2018 -

a The items to be sterilized should not be placed too tightly;

b The cold air must be completely excluded, otherwise the temperature in the pot will not reach the specified temperature, which will affect the sterilization effect;

c After sterilization, do not deflate and decompress, otherwise the liquid in the bottle will violently boil, flush out the stopper and overflow or even cause the container to burst. The lid must be opened after the pressure in the sterilizer has fallen to the same level as the atmospheric pressure;

2. Electroplated parts and surface finishes should be kept clean. If they are not used for a long time, they should be coated with neutral grease or Vaseline on the plated parts to prevent corrosion. The plastic case is covered with a plastic film dust cover. Place in a dry room to protect the temperature controller from moisture damage.

3. The inner casing of the box must be effectively grounded, and the power should be turned off after use.

4. The sterilization box should be placed in a well-ventilated room with flammable and explosive materials placed around it.

5. There is no explosion-proof device in the sterilization box, and no flammable or explosive materials should be placed.

6. Do not over-extrude the contents of the box, and make room for hot air circulation and disinfection.